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SUb Sub Menu problem


I have a new install of dnn 7.0.2. I created some pages. (really new to this, so could be a stupid question)

1st option
1st option A
1st option B
2nd option

I am using the default, dark night skin, no change from install. I am using what was created and just modifying things. As this is used on a fresh install, it probably needs to be fixed.

Mouse over Option, its ok
Mouse over 1st option Ok .. but the popup is to the right and lower than where the menu item is. You cant move the cursor over to this menu. There is a space problem in that the cursor goes away before it gets to the submenu which causes the menu to go away.

I don't know if this is a skin issue. I am looking around for a different one, but have not found anything I like yet, especially for a price I am willing to pay. And this one was sort of ok for now.