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DotNetNuke has traditionally been packaged with default skin packages pre-installed. The installation packages for those skins are available here.

Dark Knight Skin from DNN 06.02.05
Dark Knight Regular Skin package
Dark Knight Mobile Skin package

The Minimal Extropy Skin & Container from DNN 5.6.3
Minimal Extropy

The following Skins are currently available:

These are skins from the DNN 3.1.13 package:

Dnn Extropy Beta skin
This skin is only here for reference, it is currently not supported and not for use in a production environment.
If you find any issue with this skin, please log them in the issues tracker (here, not in the DNN tracker).
If we get enough feedback, we will release a "stable" version of this skin.
DNN-Extropy Beta*

The skin with the vertical menu might not work in DNN versions above 4.4.
You can replace the Treeview menu with the NAV skin object and the DNNTreeNavigationProvider.
(read the skinning documentation for more info)

Optimized / Clean Default.css Beta Version
This is a beta release of an optimized/cleaned up version of default.css
(Contributors are: Cuong Dang, Timo Breumelhof, and Salar Golestanian).

Feel free to report bugs and provide feedback to make this an official version for the next release.
Default CSS

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